Welcome to the AL. Ringling Mansion!

The AL. Ringling Mansion is located in beautiful Baraboo, WI at 623 Broadway Street. Come stop in for a historic tour! View the grand opulence of the home of one of America’s greatest showmen!

Open for Guided Tours
After our tour season was delayed by almost two months, we have re-opened the Mansion to allow visitors again by taking necessary precautions to prevent spread of the COVID-19 virus. We are now requiring our tour guests to also wear a mask indoors to follow the recent Wisconsin state mandate.

Photo by Empyrean Media

See tour information here.

Call us if you have any general questions about the AL. Ringling Mansion: (608) 448-7455

We plan to offer two of our upper bedrooms for overnight stay. Additionally, our Lou Ringling Ballroom is currently being renovated to become the AL. Ringling Brewery Company featuring an original family recipe!